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What it Means and How to Live in the Power of Love

Love is a fundamental and universal human experience. It takes on many forms. Love is often misunderstood, and many give up everything in the name of love. The most profound expressions of love can be found in God's Love. This love is given to us, to you, and our responsibility; our mission is to channel this love to others. The sad truth is we cannot completely channel God's love if we block this magnificent energy that we call love by not loving ourselves.

In this blog, we'll explore the interconnectedness of the Three Pillars of Love and how they can lead to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

The Three Pillars of Love

Pillar 1. The Love of God and Loving God:

In Matthew 22:37 (NIV), Jesus said that the first and greatest commandment is to "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind." It is the command for us, creations of God. However, it is essential to note that to truly embrace the Love of God, we need to experience and feel God's Love for us. To grow in this love, we need to establish a personal relationship with God. To have a relationship with God, you must know God and increase your awareness of his presence in your daily life.

I met many people who struggle to feel God's Love or even abandon their faith in God because they think of God as a punisher, and they had painful experiences that were associated with God. Maybe you experienced this pain. Maybe at one point in your life, you felt someone condemned you because you did something that contradicts the teaching of your church. Then, you experienced a series of unfortunate incidents that made you think God is punishing you. Hence, accepting the concept of a loving God becomes a struggle for you.

I want you to know that God loves you so much. 1 John 4:19 tells us, "We love because He first loved us." God created us in His image and likeness. You are His beloved.

Loving God is a deeply personal and spiritual journey for many. It involves a profound connection with the divine, a higher power, or a sense of purpose beyond the material world.

As a person, you are not just body and mind. You have a spirit. Your spirit will want to connect to the Divine, your God. When you fail to connect to the Spirit of God, you will feel something is missing.

I remember this quote from St. Augustine that says "My heart is restless until it rests in You (God)." You feel restless when you don't connect with God or to Something higher than you. Spend some time to know your God and deepen your relationship with God.

Pillar 2. Loving Yourself:

Self-love is vital if you want to Live in the Power of Love. It's about accepting oneself, flaws and all, and caring for one's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. When you truly love God, you also must love yourself. You cannot say you love God if you don't love yourself because the source of Love, God, is in you. If you don't love yourself, you block God's Love from flowing into your life. Hence, your Love for yourself becomes conditional, and that would also reflect on how you love other people-- full of conditions.

There was a point in my life when I experienced a deep feeling of emptiness and sadness. There was a longing in me even though I was very religious, and I tried to obey God's command. My life was miserable. Until a nun pointed out to me that I needed to accept and love myself. Hence, I jumped into a journey to discover who I am and develop a love for myself. Learn how to increase your love for yourself in our book, Finding Your Lost Self: Your 30-Day Journey to Self-Love. Please click the link. This book is also available on Amazon.

Pillar 3: Loving Others:

We are social beings. We need each other to flourish. I love the saying, "No one is an island." Meaning no one can exist and continue living alone. During the COVID pandemic, many people experienced depression because everyone was forced to isolate themselves. Less connection and contact with others make them feel so lonely and empty.

Loving others is an essential aspect of your social and emotional well-being. It fosters connections and relationships, builds communities, and makes the world more compassionate. You have a calling and purpose in life for our society to flourish.

When I was in college, I saw a quote that struck me. The passage says, "In every person, there is a calling, and the answer to that call is the secret of your joy." I believe that God put that calling deep within us, and we have to decide what it is based on our experience and what we find is meaningful in our lives so we can serve others with joy.

However, loving others is difficult when you don't love yourself. People who lack self-love usually deny themselves the ability to experience the fullness of their lives because of the many limiting beliefs that they have about themselves. Hence, they fail to live their full potential as God intends for them to achieve. Because they struggle to love themselves, they block God's Love from flowing through them, and their Love for others becomes limited. Hence, they are stressed out more often, stuck in a job they hate, and live a miserable life.

How will you Deepen Your Love for God, Love for Yourself, and Love for others?

The following are some of the ways you can embody the Three Pillars of Love.

1. Worship and Devotion.

Our worship and devotion honor our God. It is a way of expressing our Love for God. It can involve various forms of worship, from prayer and meditation to acts of service and kindness.

My spiritual director told me that God loves to listen to our praise and worship. Still, above all, the praise and worship that we give to God is for our personal and spiritual growth. When you praise and worship God, it will lift your soul and spirit. It makes you feel good. You also feel comforted, especially when you're struggling, and it will magnify your peace and joy. That is how I feel every time I praise and worship God. Try it yourself.

2. Faith and Trust.

Loving God begins with faith and trust. You believe that no matter what happens in your life, a God, a higher being, or something greater than yourself is with you and will always be with you. The God who is a source of guidance and comfort.

Loving yourself also means you believe and trust yourself. You believe that you have within you the resources that you need for you to achieve the life that you want to achieve and become who you must be. To be free to love others also requires you to believe and trust others. Love cannot survive when you don't have faith and trust.

3. Accept and Love Yourself for Who You Are.

Remember that you are God's image and likeness. You are perfect as you are. Yes, God is transforming us from glory to glory. So, don't be dismayed or frustrated with yourself when you make mistakes.

Be gentle and forgive yourself. Join our Self-Love Mastery Program to help you deepen your love for yourself. Contact me here to know if this program is right for you.

4. Practice Self-care. Spending time caring for yourself is vital to be happy, well, and healthy. Take a break, recharge, relax, and do those things that you always wanted to do. Remember, self-care is not selfish. When you love yourself, you must take care of yourself so you can do more for yourself and for others with joy and meaning.

Read our book, Finding Your Lost Self, to learn more about how you could create self-care and self-love habits.

5. Forgive. Loving God, loving yourself, and loving others often involves forgiveness. Letting go of grudges and offering forgiveness can free you from the burden of negativity. When you forgive, you allow yourself to move on, continue living your life, and reach your full potential without baggage.

reality is, when you don't forgive, the person who hurt you hurt you only once, but if you continue holding onto the pain they caused you, you are the one now who is hurting yourself. Also, remember that God loves you so much. Jesus Christ even sacrificed His life for you. God has forgiven your mistakes. It is now your turn to forgive yourself and others for your and their mistakes.

6. Acts of Kindness.

Small acts of kindness, whether a smile, a helping hand, or listening ears, can make a significant difference in someone's life. The second commandment of God is to love others as you love yourself. So be kind and gentle with yourself and with others.

Please order Finding Your Lost Self: Your 30-Day Journey to Self-Love here. This book will help you increase Love for yourself to love others.

Loving God, loving yourself, and loving others are interconnected facets of love that can lead to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

These Three Pillars of Love provide a sense of spirituality, self-worth, and social connectedness. By nurturing these forms of Love, you can live a more fulfilled life and build a better world, one filled with compassion, empathy, and understanding. Ultimately, to Live in the Power of Love is truly transformative, touching every aspect of our lives and those we encounter on our journey.

As a wellness coach, author, and public speaker, I’m passionate about helping you increase your self-awareness and learn how to Live in the Power of Love!

Contact me to schedule your Complimentary 30-Minute Coaching session when you need a coach for personalized guidance to increase your self-awareness and self-knowledge and learn how to live in the Power of Love. Contact NOW. Limited Slots are available. You can also visit our website to learn how we can help you live a happy, fulfilled, and meaningful life.

Also, I will release

How about you? What do you usually do that helps you develop Love for your God, Love for yourself, and Love for others. Please share in the comment below.

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About Dolly

Dolly Tampos Oksman, MA, MAED-SPED, is a Transformational Speaker, Author, Certified Wellness Coach, Special Education Teacher, and Behavior Analyst. She is the Founder and Owner of Love. Heal. Believe. LLC.

Dolly experienced chronic stress that affected her mental and emotional health. However, when she entered the convent to be a missionary nun, she learned the secrets of how to live a fulfilled life with inner peace and joy. Today, she is sharing those secrets with you.

Dolly is on a mission to help you develop a deeper love for yourself and find long-term solutions to stress. Her new book, Finding Your Lost Self, which is also available on AMAZON and her programs & Services will take you on a step-by-step journey to a happier, healthier, and calmer life with less stress. Please contact Dolly HERE.



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