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Dolly Tampos Oksman


Are you struggling with stress and searching for inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment? 


Meet Dolly Tampos Oksman, a Certified Wellness Coach, Behavior Analyst, Transformational Speaker & Special Education Teacher, who has helped many people uncover who they are and develop a deeper love for themselves through her programs and services. Dolly knows firsthand how chronic stress due to low self-esteem can affect mental and emotional health, having experienced it herself. However, as a former missionary nun, she discovered the secrets to living a fulfilling life with inner peace and joy. As a special education teacher, she sees how stress affects teachers and mothers of children with disabilities, inspiring her to share the secrets she learned in the convent. 


With Dolly as your coach, you'll learn how to reduce stress from the root and transform unpleasant emotions into desirable ones. She is an expert in self-coaching and is passionate about helping you live your best-fulfilled self with less stress, inner peace, and joy.


Dolly uses the CORE Coaching Method, Wellness 360 Health Philosophy, Behavior Analysis, Mindfulness, and her secrets from the convent to take you on a step-by-step journey toward a long-term solution to stress and develop a deeper self-love. 


Dolly is also the author of Finding Your Lost Self. The book that will help you uncover who you really are and develop a deeper love for yourself.

Don't wait any longer to start living your best life. Hire Dolly today as your coach or speaker, or enroll in her courses and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.



TW: self-harm

I used to have low self-esteem and profound emptiness in my heart. I tried to cover all of these by being "nice." I became a people-pleaser. I was stressed, exhausted, and so unhappy trying to make other people happy and love me. 


I felt hollow inside. I tried to fill it in with friends, going to church almost every day and doing things that I thought would make me happy, but nothing worked. My friends thought I was ok because I looked ok from the outside. They don't know that I wear a layer of masks. I prayed to God that He would take away my loneliness and sadness. Until one day, I couldn't take it anymore. I attempted to commit suicide to end that deep feeling of emptiness. Thank God, I was saved.


Then, I entered the convent to become a missionary nun.  There, I found the answers to my prayers and the secrets that lead me to my healing and allow me to live the life that I am excited to wake up to each day. These secrets help me live a less-stressed life and improve my self-esteem. I met many women who felt the way I felt before. So, I am sharing with you the secrets I learned in the convent.


Why am I sharing these SECRETS?

I meet many women whose stress is wearing them down. Stress makes them feel impatient, exhausted, and emotionally drained, affecting their efficiency, productivity, effectiveness, relationships with their loved ones, and physical and mental health. It dawned on me to share the secrets I had learned that helped me keep my joy, peace, and ability to control my emotions and rise above stressful situations.


You might be on the same journey I was on over two decades ago. If you are stressed out, insecure, unhappy, and depressed, you need to figure the way out of your situation. I want you to know that there is a way out. I experienced a breakthrough with the help of my mentors, coaches, and spiritual directors. So, allow me to journey with you. Invite me as a speaker at your next event, hire me as your coach, enroll in our courses, or read our book, Finding Your Lost Self.


At Love. Heal. Believe, we believe that true transformation comes from within. My mission is to empower you to unlock your potential and take charge of your life. Through our coaching programs, I will help you uncover the root cause of your stress, love and accept yourself for who you are and find the courage to live the life you’re meant to be. I integrate spiritual tools that I learned during my time as a missionary nun with modern coaching techniques, mindfulness, Wellness 360 Health Philosophy, and other techniques. Our programs will take you on a step-by-step journey to a long-term solution to stress and deeper self-love. These strategies are designed to help you finally live a happier and fulfilled life with less stress.


Become a Great Force of Love, Love. Heal. Believe.

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