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Working with special education children is rewarding and challenging, especially for mothers, carers, & teachers who are prone to stress and burnout.

Join me, Dolly Tampos Oksman, a special education teacher, behavior analyst, & certified wellness coach if you're a mother, carer, teacher, or therapist of a Special Education child who wants strategies to help your child or reduce your stress and find meaning in what you are doing, as I share my experience and interviews with other mothers, teachers, carers, and other practitioners of special needs children on how they balance their life and lessen their stress.


We share topics about self-love, forgiveness, stress reduction, mindset, prayer, meditation, mindfulness, habits, self-awareness to help you reduce your stress from the root as well as strategies that could help your child with disability.


Please tell us the topics you want us to share. New episode every Monday.

Are you seeking personal, emotional, and spiritual growth?

Are you searching for purpose and meaning to have a fulfilled life? Then, the Path to Bliss Podcast is perfect for you.


In this podcast, Dolly and Laura and their guests will share with you every Monday how you could experience life as it should be--with BLISS. By listening to their podcast, you could learn how to stay focused and centered, accomplish your goals, develop a healthy lifestyle and habits, and have less stress.


This Podcast aims to help you nourish your mind, body, and spirit for a healthier and happier you!


Listen to the Path to Bliss Podcast Here!

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