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Increase Self-Awareness: Pave Your Way to Spring and Blossoming of Self-Love

Love Yourself because, at the end of the day, you and your God are all you have. 

Nature provides us with inspiration and is also one of our greatest teachers. The changing seasons are one of nature's lessons that tells us that change is the only constant. 

In my journey through life, I have struggled with CHANGE but learned to embrace it. Reflecting on it, it's because CHANGE pushes me to the UNKNOWN. Many are afraid of the unknown. It gives you anxiety and a feeling of having no control. But embracing change is necessary for renewal, rebirth, and new possibilities. As I observed, those who remain steadfast, happy, and can wither every change in the seasons of their lives have a strong belief in their God, themselves, and a strong support system.

Spring season is here. It's a change of the season. Perhaps you're experiencing winter, where life is dark, cold, and colorless. You feel lonely and depressed. I want to remind you that you will not be in that season forever. Spring is coming. Spring serves as a powerful reminder of the cyclical nature of life, offering us the opportunity to renew and rejuvenate.

In this blog, we'll explore the parallels between the arrival of Spring and the journey toward self-love and how we can use the energy of the season to cultivate a deeper sense of love and acceptance for ourselves.

Renewal and Rebirth: Spring reminds me of renewal and rebirth. The dark, cold, and lifeless landscape burst forth with new life. Spring is an invitation that whatever limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and negative thoughts and habits you hold, it's time to let them go and open yourself up to the new possibilities of personal growth and transformation.

Springtime calls for you to say goodbye to your limiting beliefs, remove the masks that keep you in the dark, and embrace your true, authentic self. It is time for you to love and accept yourself for who you are. Embrace the Springtime of your life and create habits to help you develop self-love.

If you need help creating new self-love habits, please get our book Finding Your Lost Self: Your 30-Day Journey to Self-love here.

Appreciate Imperfections: I love Spring because of its imperfections. The weather can be unpredictable; sometimes, it's sunny, cloudy, or rainy. The flowers don't blossom simultaneously, and some plants don't do well during Spring. However, Spring always captivates us with its beauty and resilience.

When you love yourself, you embrace your imperfections and your flaws because they make you unique and stand out from others. I remember when I told my formator when I was in the convent about my childhood trauma, my struggle with it, and my desire for healing. She told me that my experience left me broken and to give God my broken self because God will put the broken pieces together again. Like many other broken pieces, which other people consider junk when they are in the hands of a master crafter, it will become a new creature, and its imperfection will make it a masterpiece.

Your imperfections don't make you less valuable. Just as the first buds of spring bloom despite the world's imperfections, you can blossom into your true self, embracing every aspect of who you are.

When you're ready to dive into deeper self-love and learn to embrace and accept yourself for who you are, join our Self-love Mastery Program. Please click the link to learn more about Self-love Mastery.

Cultivate Gratitude: Spring is a season of abundance. Everywhere you go, you will see beautiful flowers blossoming and showing their elegance, and trees bear fruits. I also love watching the tiny little leaves that start coming out in every tree that lost all their leaves during the fall. It reminds me of Job in the Bible, who was tested by God, being stripped of everything he had, but with his faith in God, he sustained his very dark winter.

When God returned what was taken from him, God multiplied them. It is like that in our lives. More often, if we hold on and persevere till the end and remain grateful even in our darkest winter, we will receive more blessings than we can imagine. This is similar to cultivating self-love. 

When you want to embrace and love yourself for who you are, you must face your greatest fear, the ghost in your past, and befriend them. Your past experiences that hurt are part of you; they help shape who you are today, but loving yourself is not allowing your past pain to hold you back, but seeing the good intentions of why things happen and being grateful for them. When you can find things, you're thankful for in your wintertime, you will appreciate your Springtime more. You will attract more of the things you are grateful for.

Gratitude is a powerful tool in your journey to self-love. Practice expressing gratitude today. Whether expressing gratitude for your unique talents and strengths or being grateful that you're still alive today.

As we enjoy the beauty of Spring, let us also take this opportunity to cultivate a more profound sense of self-love and acceptance. Just as the earth undergoes a process of renewal and rebirth, we can also embrace the journey toward self-love with open hearts and minds by appreciating our imperfections, cultivating gratitude, and honoring our true selves.  

Love Yourself because, at the end of the day, you and your God are all you have. When you must learn to love yourself and need help, please don't hesitate to contact me. Email me at or click this link to schedule one-on-one coaching for specialized guidance. Limited slots are available. Schedule your session now. 

Self-Reflection Question.

What are some of the things that you appreciate about yourself? 

Please share your reflection in the comment below. If you have questions on how we can help you, please visit our website


About Dolly

Dolly Tampos Oksman, MA, MAED-SPED, is a Transformational Speaker, Author, Certified Wellness Coach, Special Education Teacher, and Behavior Analyst. She is the Founder and Owner of Love. Heal. Believe. LLC.

Dolly experienced chronic stress that affected her mental and emotional health. However, when she entered the convent to be a missionary nun, she learned the secrets of how to live a fulfilled life with inner peace and joy. Today, she is sharing those secrets with you.

Dolly is on a mission to help you develop a deeper love for yourself and find long-term solutions to stress. Her new book, Finding Your Lost Self, which is also available on AMAZON and her programs & Services will take you on a step-by-step journey to a happier, healthier, and calmer life with less stress. Please contact Dolly HERE.




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