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Nourishing the Body-Mind-Spirit is vital if you want to live a life of love, inner peace, and joy.


I did not understand the meaning of body-mind-spirit connection until I hit the rock bottom of my life, which I also called "The Dark Night of My Soul" as St. John of the Cross.

Two decades ago, I was searching for the answer to why I felt so empty within me. There seemed a hollow within my soul that I could not fathom the end of it. In my quest for answers, I entered the convent. There, I was introduced to the concept of the body-mind-spirit connection.

I learned that each of us is composed of Body-Soul-and Spirit.

What is the body?

The body is the physical form of ourselves. I called it the external representation of ourselves. It is the part of us that other person, and we can touch, can see, can feel, can smell, and can hear. Whatever you put in your mouth and whatever activity you do will affect your body.

If you neglect your body, you will get sick and may have low energy. If this happens, you may lose your passion for life. You may not reach your full potential because your vehicle- your body, has not enough fuel to take you there or broken to even move.

You need to nourish your body with nutritious food and a healthy diet that is appropriate for you. You need to move your body and do physical activities to keep your body fit and full of energy.

What is the Soul?

The soul is the part of ourselves that feels. The soul is our mind, our emotions, our will. People can't see our souls, but our bodies can show our souls. When a person dies, the soul leaves the body. Hence, the body will not feel anything anymore. It is the soul that gives the body life and moving.

They said that our eyes are the mirror of our soul. If you look at a person who seems happy outside, you can look at their eyes if they are genuinely happy.

If we neglect to nourish our soul, one way or another, the body will manifest it through different forms of diseases, roller-coaster emotions, depressions, and other undesirable feelings and emotions.

Nourish your soul with positive thoughts, affirmation, visualization, spending time with people you love and supporting you, doing the things you love, and energizing you.

What is the Spirit?

The Spirit is the inner part of yourself. It is your core. It is the part of you that connects to your God, the Higher Being, or whatever you call that something or someone HIGHER than YOU.

The only way you can experience God or the Higher Being is through your Spirit.

If you forget to nourish your Spirit, you feel disconnected within. You will lose the meaning of your life and your existence. You will think that you wander in life without aim, without purpose.

You can nourish your Spirit by going within you- through silence and be in touch with your inner world. You can connect to your inner world through prayer, meditation, journaling, and other mindful practice.

Nourish your Mind, Body, and Spirit

To experience the fullness of life, these three parts of ourselves need to be nourished simultaneously. If you neglect one piece, something with you will be disconnected or fall apart.

There were times in my life that I nourish my mind and Spirit through reading books, saying affirmations, prayer, and meditation. However, I forgot to nourish my body. I slept late watching TV, drink sugary beverages, and because I was "busy," I failed to exercise.

Then, my body started to feel weak. I was quickly tired, I felt pain in my body, and my energy level was low. Hence, I was less productive. Eventually, I lost the desire to continue my spiritual practice and even felt too weak to transform my negative thoughts.

There was also a time that I nourished my body and mind but forgot to feed my Spirit. That was the time I deliberately separate myself from my God because I was upset with Him. I stopped praying, meditating, going to church, reading the Bible, etc.

I felt at those times that something is disconnected within me. I felt something was missing. I was unhappy. Life has no meaning.

So, I made a decision to go back to my spiritual practice. The experience made me realize the importance of being connected to my inner self and the Higher Being. I learned that St. Augustine was right when he said, "My heart is restless until it rests in you."

My spirit is restless until it rests in the Spirit of my God.

Nourishing the Body-Mind-Spirit is vital if you want to live a life of love, inner peace, and joy.

Be one with your Body-Mind-Spirit. Take care of yourself. Love Yourself. See the beauty within You for You are a Special Creature, a Masterpiece.

Thank you for reading.

For Reflection. How do you nourish your mind (soul), body, and spirit? Please share in the comment below.

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