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The Unknown Secret To Inner Joy & Peace: Lick Your Wounds


Peace, Joy, and Love be With You!

Do you want to experience inner peace and joy in your life?

Then, continue reading, I will show you how.

What I am going to share with you today is a story that I heard from my formator when I was still in the convent more than a decade ago.

There was a small village in the middle of the forest. In that village was a woman named Asunta, who thought that she was the least among the women in the community.

She did not like her thick curly hair, big mouth, flat nose, and other parts of her body. She thinks that she was the ugliest in the community. So, she isolated herself.

The other people in the village felt the same way with her. They did not think that she was beautiful. They also think less of her.

But one day, things had changed for Asunta.

She went to the river by herself, and when she came back to the community, everyone looked at her. Her face glowed, she was smiling and seemed very happy, and she looked so beautiful. She was also wearing beautiful jewels.

What happened to Asunta? Why the sudden change?

This was what happened…

When Asunta went to the river to wash her clothes. She saw in the middle of the river a light that came from the bottom of the river. She was curious about it. So, she dove and swam towards the light.

At the bottom of the river were treasure chests.

As Asunta tried to reach the treasure, an old woman covered with wounds, sores, and scabs appeared. The old woman was the treasure guard.

The woman asked Asunta, "Do you want these treasures?"

Asunta was scared but nodded her head. Then, the old woman said, "Come, lick my wound, and you can have all of these."

Asunta wanted to leave.

The woman said, "Come, lick my wound, and get these treasure, or you will die."

Afraid to die and Asunta's desire to get the treasure, Asunta licked the wound of the old woman's wounds. When Asunta started to lick the old woman's wound, the old woman slowly transformed into a beautiful woman. She began to glow. She radiated like a bright light.

Asunta experienced the transformation. Then, Asunta realized that the old woman and she are the same.

People in the village were so curious about her transformation. They wanted to have her transformation and jewelry. She told them what happened in the river.

Her neighbors ran and jumped into the river, but only a few came back with treasures and transformation.

What is the significance of this story in our lives?

Many of us want to experience inner peace and joy. We want to be content and experience to love and be loved. However, many of us fail to let go of the pain in the past. The old wounds that we carry from many years ago.

Licking the old woman's wound is a call for healing.

Lick your wounds means forgive all the people that hurt you, including yourself.

Lick your wounds means to accept that you were broken once in your life and have the humility to ask for help to pick up your pieces together.

Better yet, give your broken pieces to the CREATOR. You as a co-creator and the Creator will make a MASTERPIECE out of those broken pieces.

Lick your wounds means you are going to stop blaming other people and your life circumstances for your unhappiness. You are responsible for your own joy and happiness.

Lick your wounds means understanding that people that hurt you are also hurt people, and so, you will release them so they will not hurt you anymore.

I was at the beginning of my journey of knowing myself when I was told this story.

I did not know that I am going to face my old wounds- the pain that I experience in the past, the people who hurt me, the events that made me feel worthless.

I was about to give up on my quest to know myself because it was hard to face the wounds from my past. The pain was too much. My body feels it.

I will never forget these words from my formator,

"Dolly, if you want to see your treasure, you want to see who you really are, your worth and your value. If you want to experience inner peace and joy, do not be afraid to lick your wound. Ask God the grace and courage. One day you will come out like Asunta."

Lick your wounds so that you will experience true peace and joy. It is not easy. It will take courage, perseverance, and support from people you love and those who understand the process.

Ask the Higher Being, Your God, to help you. He will give you the strength to carry on to the journey to the depths of your own river where your real treasure is hidden.

Forgive the people who hurt you in the past. You cannot experience most of your life now if you don't learn to let go.

Love yourself.


Let your light radiate so everyone will see it.


Are there people who hurt you in the past, and you are still carrying that pain until now? Who are these people?

Put them down now.

With man, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible." (Mt. 19:26)

P.S. After I licked my wounds, my recurring nightmares were gone.

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