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Calm Overwhelming Anxiety Without Medication

It is entirely normal to feel anxious from time to time. However, when anxiety becomes overwhelming, some people may be tempted to seek solace in prescription medication, alcohol, or drugs. You may be one of them. Unfortunately, these methods usually lead to addiction and could end up with more significant problems.

The good news is you can get through anxious moments on your own without mind-altering drugs. Instead, your worries can be transformed into peace with simple, natural strategies. One of these techniques is using prayer and meditation.

What is Prayer?

Prayer is talking to your God, which is like talking to your best friend. It is an Act of Faith. Trusting and believing that someone higher than you who knows you in and out is listening to you will help and guide you in your next steps.

What is meditation?

For many people, meditation is a time to sit, focus on your breathing, object, or mantra, quiet your mind, and go into your center.

For me, meditation is COMING HOME to You. Going inside you to meet your HIGHER SELF. It is an opportunity for you to see what is blocking your way from achieving your full potential.

Which One Do Will Help You Most: Prayer or Meditation?

The answer is simple: Whatever is applicable at a particular time or you prefer or feel comfortable.

Prayer is accessible to you 24/7. In the Bible (A Sacred Book for Christians, the Word of God), we are asked to pray without ceasing.

I used to experience a lot of anxiety, and prayer helped me overcome those because I can talk to God wherever, whenever, and whatever situation I am in.

Expressing what you feel and what causes your anxiety to God helps calm you down.

Using affirmation by quoting verses from the Bible and the promises of God as part of your prayer will also help ease your anxiety.

In my experience, my prayers usually lead to meditation or vice-versa.

However, there are moments that you should not get into meditation mode, especially when you are driving or performing tasks that require your complete focus and attention.

How to Get Started

Begin with effective breathing. You can start on your path to an anxiety-free life right away, and it all begins with a deep breath. Pull the air deep down into your diaphragm, and let it out slowly. Do this several times, and you'll start to feel calmer.

You will know if you are breathing the right way when your belly rises and falls, not your upper chest, because your entire lungs are filled with fresh air.

Practice pulling air from your diaphragm when you breathe, not your upper chest. It'll become automatic. Soon, you'll feel calmer without even thinking about your breathing anymore.

Here are some other tips to help you feel calm while praying or meditating:

1. Use your breathing like a mantra. Inhale while you give yourself positive thoughts and feelings. Then, exhale anything negative you're thinking or feeling. Breathing is the rhythm of life. Use it to your advantage.

2. Include Prayer and Meditation as Part of Your Daily Routine. Find time in your day (the same time every day is best) to spend time in prayer and meditation. Spend a few minutes - it doesn't have to be a long time - in quiet reflection.

3. Listen to Meditation Music. Meditation music or praise and worship music could put you in a mode for prayer and meditation. Incorporate this in your daily prayer and meditation practice.

4. Do some stretching or yoga poses before you pray or meditate. Stretching and yoga poses will relax your mind and body. It is easier for you to come into silence when your mind and body are relaxed.

5. Pray or meditate with others. Join a church, take up yoga, or find a support group for anxiety. Other people share your struggle, and you can feel better about yourself and more in-tune with others when you share your feelings.

Next Steps

When you start your journey toward personal peace through prayer or meditation, expect to conquer your anxiety. However, this will take time and be consistent--make it a habit.

The important thing is to take that first step and then enjoy and appreciate the journey.

Practice prayer and meditation every day; you'll become calmer and more focused. But, most importantly, you'll be back to being happy again, and there's no more fabulous gift you can give yourself than joy!

If you want to learn how you could reduce your feeling of anxiety and stress, visit our website and schedule your complimentary session with me.



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