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Warning: 7 Time Wasters to Avoid if You Want to Have A Productive Year!

Are you wishing that you have more than 24 hours a day?

Do you feel desperate to have more time to do everything you need to do?

Continue reading and learn how you could have more time each day.

One of humanity's equalizers is TIME. We all are given the same number of hours each day.

However, you might be wondering why others are more productive than you?

Why does it seem like you don't have enough time all the time?

Do you know that most of us waste a lot more time each week than we care to admit?

The perfect time wasters are things that we mindlessly do and are highly distracting. Sad to say, you often don't even realize that you are wasting your time.

At this age, we have a lot of distractions that are perfect Time Wasters.

What are time wasters?

Time wasters are your habits that provide little to no meaningful reward for the time you invested.

Avoid these time wasters, and you'll add more hours to your day to do what really matters to you:

1. Clutter. Clutter is a huge time waster. Look at your home or office environment. Are your things all over the place? Is it hard for you to find the things that you need?

When there is too much clutter, everything seems to be in your way. It's emotionally stressful, too (Imagine not finding what you need right away when you need them).

This workbook will give you some tips on organizing your home environment.

2. Worrying. When you constantly worry about something, it creates physical and emotional stress. Thus, it will lead you to become less productive and less capable of dealing with the issues at hand.

So, instead of worrying too much. Challenge that thing that you worried about. Is that real, imagined, or exaggerated? If what you are worried about is real, create a plan for your next step. Otherwise, let it go.

3. Electronic devices. How much time do you spend each week watching TV, surfing the internet, or staring at your phone? Do you play video games? Count up all of that time and ask yourself if there's something more productive you could be doing.

4. Multi-tasking. Women are especially notorious for this. So, we crowned ourselves as the queen of multi-tasking. But, it's far more effective to do one thing at a time, particularly those tasks that require more energy and focus. Refocusing your attention on multiple tasks takes time and destroys any momentum you've created.

5. Commuting. A 30-minute drive to work adds up. That's 250 hours a year, or the equivalent of over six 40-hour workweeks. That's six weeks of vacation! Living close to your place of work can save a lot of time.

However, working close to your job does not happen all the time. But you can make this time productive by using this time for your personal development or other tasks. For example, You can listen to informative or inspirational audio if you drive. You can also read, journal, send emails, or spend time in prayer if riding.

6. Indecision. Do you experience standing in your closet trying to figure out what to wear? Then you ended up being late for your appointment because it took you forever to decide what you would wear? How frustrating and a waste of time it is!

Many people waste their time because they have no clear direction of where they want to go. As a result, they keep changing their trajectory (their clothes). If you lack a clear path, you're likely to do nothing.

Learn to make up your mind quickly-- make the best decision you can and then act on it. If you make mistakes, learn from them quickly and move on.

7. No plan for the day. I love the saying, "If you Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail." Having a plan for the following day before you go to bed is a great way to avoid wasting time. Make a plan at night, and then spend the day working on your plan.

However, be flexible for the possible detour (the things that may happen that are outside our control)

Those are just some of the time wasters that you need to avoid and what you should do instead. Consider all the meaningful things you could accomplish if you stopped wasting time.

So, reflect on the things that you are doing each day? What are those things that are just complete waste of your time?

Then, make a plan to eliminate as many of those time wasters as possible and reap the benefits!

If you are looking for help in kicking off your time wasters habit, join us in our 7-Day Self-Love Challenge, or You can Join in our 30-Day adventure to Greater Love and Peace of Mind. Click the links to know more.



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