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August 28, Friday, Early In The Morning, I Was Boiling Water For My Warm Lemon Water, My Early Morning Beverage.

I Was Facing My Living Room, Waiting For The Water To Boil. I Was Admiring My Fall Decor. I Changed My Decor Earlier This Year Because It Is So Hot Here In Phoenix, Arizona. I Thought Fall Decorations Will Bring Cooler Weather.

Suddenly, A Thought Came To Me That I Will Leave All The Things I Have Accumulated Over The Years One Day.

I Was Thinking, Maybe One Day, I Will Move Back To The Philippines, So I Need To Abandon Everything That I Have Here In The US Or Maybe Bring Some But Leave 95% Of It.

Then, Another Thought Came To Me, One Day, You Will Abandon Everything. You Can’t Take Anything With You. But You Can Leave Everything To The People You Care About And Love.

A Question Came To My Mind. What Will You Leave, Dolly?

What Will I Leave?

Then, I See Myself On The Day Of My Burial. I See People In The Cemetery Who Came To Send Me Off To My Grave.

I Am Wondering What They Say About Me. Did I Make A Difference In The Life Of Every People I Met? Did I Give Value? Did My Life Even Matter To Them? Are They Going To Miss Me? Or I Will Just Be The One On The Many Tombs In The Graveyard Forgotten?

A Thought Came To Me That What I Want Them To Experience And Say About Me Depends On My Decision Today.

I Started To Have A Conversation With God. “Lord, I Want My Life To Matter. I Want To Give Value, Even In Little Things. I Want That When I Die, People Will Remember Me That I Serve With Love And Kindness. I Want To Inspire People And Make A Difference. I Want To Leave A Legacy.”

Then, I Heard A Soft Voice That Says, “What Hinders You From Being That Person?”

I Replied, “FEAR.”

I Know I Am Working On My Fear. I See Significant Progress In Facing My Fear Every Day. But I Still Feel It From Time To Time, And It Holds Me Back To Show Up My Best Self Consistently.

In Silent Prayer, I Ask God To Teach Me To Become The Person I Want To Be Remembered.

In The Evening, I Talked To My Brother Through Messenger. I Told Him I Am Signing Out Because I Want To Read A Book When My Husband Texted Me That Chadwick Boseman, The Black Panther Was Dead.

I Told My Brother This Must Be Fake News. I Don’t Think This Is True.

When I Confirmed That It Wasn’t Fake News, I Felt Sad Because Besides Being A Marvel Fan, I Love How He Played The Black Panther. I Don’t Know Him That Much Besides Watching Him On Infinity War 1 And 2 And The Black Panther Movies. But What Stunned Me Was He Was Only 43 Years Old. He Was So Young To Die. I Felt That He Still Have So Many Things That He Can Do.

I Was Wondering How He Went Through Filming Action-Packed Movies With Colon Cancer? I Imagine It Must Be Painful In Between Takes.

Then, Something Dawned On Me. Chadwick Must Be Motivated By LOVE.

My Brother Commented That His Treatment Must Be Superb To Get Through It. I Told My Brother That He Must Have Inner Strength And Must Love And Believe In What He Is Doing. If You Love Enough, Pain, Discomfort, And Sacrifice Become Irrelevant.

Then, The Dialogue That I Had In Myself And My God That Morning Came Back To Me. I Found The Answer To My Prayer.

It Is LOVE That Will Take Away My FEAR! It Is Love That Will Allow Me To Live A Life That My Inner Being Wanted.

If I Love Enough, I Don’t Mind The Discomfort. I Will Go Beyond My Comfort Level, Take The Pain, Do The Unimaginable, And Do The Impossible.

Then, I See A Vision Of Myself Giving My All With Love; The Chain Of Fear Is Broken.


In Silence, I Offer A Prayer For Chadwick. I Thank God For Breaking The Chain Of FEAR.

The Following Day, I Confronted My Greatest Fears. I Actually Find Myself Not Scared Of Them Anymore. When I Open My Drawer, I Saw The Words, A Lyric Of A Song, “I Am No Longer A Slave Of Fear. I Am A CHILD Of GOD.”

Today, 4 Days After That Experience, I Browsed On YouTube To Listen To Personal Development Topics For My Daily Inspiration.

I Saw Tribute To Chadwick Boseman. It Looks Like It Was A Speech He Gave To Graduates. So, I Listened To It. I Learned That He Is A Believer. In His Remarks, I Felt His Love And Passion For Making A Difference In Other People’s Lives. I Felt His Love For God. I Was Teary-Eyed As I Listen To His Speech.

I Thank Chadwick Boseman For Allowing Himself To Inspire Me To Break The Chain Of Fear And To Love Completely Even In His Death.

I Thank God For Chadwick. God Will Use Any Circumstances To Help Us In Our Transformation, Even Death.

When I Die, I Can’t Bring Anything. Nothing Matters. But I Can Leave A Legacy. I Can Plant Seeds Of Love And Kindness In Every Heart Of Every Person I Encounter.

I Have A Choice If I Allow Fear To Hinder Me- Fear Of Not Good Enough, The Fear Of Rejection, That Fear Of Failure, And Even The Fear Of Prison And Death.

But I Realized That If You Don’t Live Your Full Potential Because You Think You Can’t Is Already A Prison. You’re A Prisoner Of Your Limiting Beliefs.

Isn’t It Not Achieving And Living Your Desired Self Is A Death Sentence?

Live Your Full Potentials. Be The Version Of Yourself You Are Meant To Be.


Let Your Life Be Motivated By Love.

FOR REFLECTION Do You Love Enough? Do You Love The People In Your Life Enough To See Their Goodness Despite Their Imperfections? Are You Willing To Sacrifice Your Life For Them? Do You Love Yourself Enough That You Accept And Are Gentle With Yourself, Even If You Fail? My Friend, May My God And Your God, Whatever You Call HIM/HER, Will Teach Us To LOVE The Way God Loves Us. We Are Called To LOVE. HEAL. & BELIEVE How Will You Show Love To Your Self And The People In Your Life Today? Please Share In The Comments Below.

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