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Meditation And You: Transform Yourself Through Meditation

Meditation is a habit that you need to cultivate.


Are you struggling to meditate? You want to start the practice because you heard the benefits of meditation, but you seem to struggle to be quiet? Or maybe you just don't see the importance of meditation in your life yet.

This blog is for you.

Here, I will share the importance of meditation, the real reason why people struggle to meditate, different ways to meditate, and tips on how to meditate.

What is meditation?

For many people, meditation is time to sit, focus on your breathing, object, or mantra, quiet your mind, and go into your center.

For me, meditation is more than focusing on your breathing or an object, it is COMING HOME to Your INNER SELF. Going inside you and meet your HIGHER SELF. It is an opportunity for you to see how does your home looks like? Is it a mess? What are the things there that you don't need that you have to let go of? It is an opportunity for you to see what is blocking your way from achieving your full potentials.

Why People Struggle to Meditate?

Many people find it hard to meditate because they can't sit, they can't be quiet, and they can't stop their thoughts from jumping in and out their minds.

People struggle to meditate because their body is not used to it. Not able to sit and be quiet or the discomfort you feel while you are trying to meditate are just some of the ways that Your body is resisting to that change that you want to do or is about to happen.

Also, I think that many people are afraid to meditate because they are unconsciously afraid of what they will see inside them. Some are afraid that if they spend time in SILENCE, they will hear or encounter things they repressed, the things, people, or events they tried to run away from or don't want to face something in their life.

At least that is what I experienced when I decided to start practicing meditation. I encountered the ghost from my past and the things I don't want to face in my present.

Why Should You Meditate?

People meditate to reduce stress since it will decrease beta waves and keep us calm. Also, some people meditate to increase focus and heighten their awareness.

Some people meditate because this is how they connect to their Higher Self and The Higher Being. This is the time to listen to that still voice that will guide them to their next step.

In my experience, meditation helps to see my shadows that are hunting me. They also help me know who and what they are.

I used to feel a deep void in my heart, and I come to understand it through meditation.

Now, I see meditation as a special time that I have the privilege to listen to God's voice or the Higher Being. As a Christian, I think of meditation as my quiet time with my God, just listening to His wisdom and what I will do next. It is the time that I can come to know more about myself.

How to Meditate?

Usually, when we think about meditation, what comes to our mind is sitting. We have to sit with our legs crossed, with a specific position of our arms.

But meditation is not only done sitting. You can walk, stand, or sit in a chair as long as you are comfortable and find your center.

I love walking meditation. This is my time I feel grounded and focus on

These are my top tips on how to meditate, especially if you are a beginner.

  1. Use the position that you feel more comfortable. You can sit, you can stand, or you can do walking meditation. Lying down is ok too, but you might fall asleep as the brain waves move to a different state.

  2. If you are new, start with 2 minutes and then increase each day. Probably you will just be battling with your thoughts. But just start with following your breath. Focusing on your breath is an easier way to begin meditation. Be patient with yourself.

  3. Do not try to eliminate your thoughts. The first time I meditate, I was told to clear my mind. But the more I tried to clear my mind, the more thoughts are coming. They are like monkeys jumping from one tree to another. I also tried to fight with my thoughts. Then, I got a bad headache fighting my thoughts to go away. What you do is watch your thoughts like you are watching the clouds moving away. Do not judge your thoughts, do not label them. Then, go back to your breathing.

  4. You can use a mantra or a word that you want to develop or a state that you want to experience to center your focus. For example, if you want to feel love repeat the word "love." As a Christian, I usually say, "Jesus."

  5. If you practice prayer, meditate after you pray. I have my prayer time and meditation together. It helps me calm my mind quickly and get into the silent mode.

Meditation is a habit that you need to cultivate. Practicing meditation has transformed my life, and I am sure that it will change yours too.

Thank you for reading.

Now, it is your turn. What is your personal struggle with meditation?

If you practice meditation, what are your tips to help you center your focus while meditating?



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