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How To Stay At Peace And Calm During Coronavirus Pandemic

We are in an uncertain and stressful time in our history.

Every day the government is giving us new directives on what to do during this pandemic.

Numbers of people lost their jobs and forced to stay home. Some have to change their way of doing things in a blink of an eye. As teachers, we need to learn online learning in a week. It was overwhelming and stressful.

News that people who are afflicted by COVID-19 and the rising number of people who died of the virus caused fear and panic.

When is this going to end?

For many of us, we don't know.

However, I believe that no matter how dire the situation, there is always something good that we can get from this. While we are looking at the adverse effects of COVID-19, try to see what are the good things it brings to you.


For me, this pandemic gives me more time to spend with my family in the Philippines. My husband and I are able to spend more time together.

Also, I find more time to read books that I did not have a chance to read, and I learn new skills.

I know this is not an easy time.

I hear people expressing their frustrations for not being able to go out; some miss their friends and doing activities outside the house. Others are bored and tired.

How are we going to deal with this unexpected pandemic?

Here are some suggestions that help me deal with life's uncertainties that I believe will help you too, and you can easily add in your day so you can generate inner peace and remain calm at this time.

1. Keep a gratitude journal. Think 3-5 things that you experience in a day that you are grateful for every day. Gratitude will improve your overall well being; it will lower your stress and will make you feel good. It will direct your mind to see that there are amazing things that happen in your life every single day.

A gratitude journal will help you become so keen on the good things in life and learn to see the blessings in every unpleasant situation.

2. Consider Digital Detox. This could be hard for you, but it is worthwhile to assess the impact of your digital habits and decide to set boundaries on your use of media. The constant exposure to coronavirus threats and how the people are panicking about this will raise your stress level. Besides, it will become part of your thinking pattern.

I heard people who feel so depressed because they keep on reading and watching the news about COVID-19. As what they say, "What you think, you become."

Be aware of it; take necessary precautions to protect yourself, but do not allow it to control your life.

3. Turn off the TV and other devices an hour before you sleep. I suggest to read a book instead or spend this time for relaxation practice like prayer and meditation.

These practices will help calm you down, and this is a powerful relaxation technique. Also, prayer and meditation will help you to have a good night's sleep. Your body needs rest to stay healthy and to increase the immune system to fight illnesses like Coronavirus.

4. When you feel so overwhelmed, hide somewhere for 5-10 minutes to decompress and clear your mind, and regroup emotionally. This is especially true for parents who need to home school their children. It can be overwhelming to take on the responsibility of teaching your children at home, especially if you are not used to it.

When our school started online learning, I was so confused about what to do. Plus, all the directives of our administrators gave me a headache. Hence, I decided to take a break. I turned my computer off. I took a walk in my backyard. Then, I took a nap.

When I woke up, I looked at it again. It gave me some clarity, and then I started calling the people whom I thought can help me.

5. Try a new movement routine that you enjoy doing like yoga, Zumba, etc. Moving your body will increase your feel-good hormone, endorphins, and keep your mind alert so you can make a better decision. We have additional time off at this time since we are staying home. Make this an opportunity to create an exercise habit.

6.Stay Calm and at Peace. I know this phenomenon is something that we do not hope for, but I believe that everything that happens to us has a reason.

Try to spend time in prayer and meditation and ask yourself what the message of these series of events to you is. As a Christian, I believe that Jesus' resurrection dispels the darkness of sin. Let us continue to pray that God's radiating light and healing will also dispel and put an end to COVID-19.



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