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Emotional Freedom Technique For Teachers Who Feel Overwhelmed About School Opening In The Fall

Are you feeling overwhelmed and anxious about school opening this Fall?

I heard so many teachers who are anxious and worried about how this school year looks.

Will it be online, physical school, or blended?

Many teachers are not ready to go back to school.

The rising number of COVID-19 makes teachers worry about their health and safety and their students’.

How can you maintain Social Distancing when kids are gathered together? How can you impose wearing masks, hand washing, etc.?

Many teachers and parents' level of stress rises because of the uncertainty about what will happen next.

I experienced so much stress in Spring last school year when they announced that we were not going back to school after spring break. We had to do online learning.

I was anxious because technology is one of my weaknesses. Also, I did not know how to teach my special needs students who were mostly low functioning online. I wondered how I could reach them and meet their number of minutes and how on earth, I could provide the services that my students needed.

I started to feel panic attacks trying to figure out everything in a short period.

Hence, I took a break and did the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to release my stress and anxiety.

What is the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)?

EFT is also called tapping technique because you are tapping different acupuncture points. This method helps in the flow of energy that is stuck due to stress and other emotional issues that you encounter.

I first heard EFT from Jack Canfield, the author of the Success Principles and the Chicken Soup of the Soul, when I attended one of his webinars.

When he mentioned tapping acupuncture points, I was intrigued by it because I used acupuncture and acupressure to release stuck energy on my throat. I think it is a neat way of unblocking the energy without using needles or intense pressures as with acupressure.

I tried it, and it worked on lowering the level of my stress.

How do the Emotional Freedom Technique works?

Emotional Freedom Technique focuses on your negative feelings but accepting it anyway. You give attention to the negative experience while tapping the different acupuncture points.

One of the things I like about EFT is you don't deny your current state but accept it as it is.


There Are Nine Different Acupuncture Points That You Need To Tap.

Do put too much pressure when you tap—just enough pressure, 4 to 5 times in each point.

Emotional Freedom Technique Steps

  1. Identify the pressing problem you want to address.

Example. Stress for school opening in the Fall

2. Rate the magnitude of the problem you are presently experiencing on a scale of 0-10, with 10 as most intense.

3. Establish a "Set-up" Statement.

Even though I feel ___________________, I deeply and completely love and accept


Example: Even though I am so overwhelmed and so stressed right now, I deeply and

completely love and accept myself.

4. Then you can start tapping different points and remember to focus on the problem.

5. Start tapping the karate chop point. As you tap, say your "Set-up" Statement 3 times (See set-up statement in number 3)

6. Then follow the order of the rest of the acupuncture points ending on the top of the head.


1. Karate Chop: Use four fingers to tap

Even though I am so overwhelmed and so stressed right now, I deeply and completely love and accept myself (3X)

2. Eyebrow: Use two fingers (index and middle finger)

I am so stressed about school reopening in Fall

3. Side of the eye: Use two fingers (index and middle finger). You can tap on one eye or both eyes.

I am so overwhelmed with learning the technology for e-learning

4. Under the eye: Use two fingers (index and middle finger). You can do on one eye or both eye.

I feel stressed. If we are going back to a physical school, I don't know how to

keep social distancing with students and wear their masks.

5. Under the nose: Use two fingers,(index and middle finger)

I am so stressed because I have so many questions, but my school district cannot

give me all the answers.

6. Under the chin: Use two fingers,(index and middle finger)

I am so stressed if we do e-learning. I don’t know how to make my students

participate in e-learning. Most of them did not participate last Spring.

7. Collarbone: Some use two fingers, and others use four. I use four fingers to be sure

I get to the acupuncture point.

I am stressed because my students' parents ask me a lot of questions, but I don't

have all the answers.

8. Under the Arm (bra line). Use four fingers

I am so stressed because I have no control over the situation.

9. Top of the head: Use four fingers.

I feel so stressed and overwhelmed

7. Do at least two rounds of tapping and then rate the intensity of your problem. Continue tapping when you need more, or you can stop if you feel the intensity is lower and you feel comfortable.

Emotional Freedom Techniques works with many problems that you encounter.

Try it and see if it will work for you, too.

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