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Experiencing Inner Joy Is A Choice. You Need To Decide And Then Get Out Of Your Comfort Zones One Step At A Time.

I Was Talking To My Friend About Depression In Our Country. It Seems Like Many People Are Depressed Nowadays Or Unhappy With Their Lives. However, They Keep Doing What They Are Doing And Expect A New Result.

People Say That They Hate Their Jobs And Have To Push Themselves To Work, But They Are Still There 10 Years Later.

Some People Are Not Happy With Their Relationships But Stay In That Abusive Relationship Or Don’t Do Anything To Improve Their Relationships.

Some People Are Not Happy With Their Career Or Financial Status. Still, They Don’t Take A Step To Learn New Skills And New Strategies To Improve Their Job Or Financial Situation.

Many People Are Not Content With Their Lives But Refuse To Find Another Way. They Stay In Their Comfort Zones.

If You Want To Be Happy, You Need To Lift At Least A Finger To Change The Life That You Have Now. Simple Baby Steps In Going Out Of Your Comfort Zones Will Take You A Long Way Toward Your Happiness.

Experiencing Inner Joy Is A Choice. You Need To Decide And Then Get Out Of Your Comfort Zones One Step At A Time.

Here Are Some Steps That You Can Take To Cultivate Inner Peace And Joy In Your Life.

1. Keep A Gratitude Journal. Gratitude Will Help Release “Feel Good” Hormones In Your Body. The More Grateful You Are, The More You Open The Door Of Blessings In Your Life. Journaling Will Also Help Plant That Joy In Your Subconscious Mind, Which Will Help You Experience More Joy.

2. Social Media Detox. There Are So Many Benefits To Social Media. You Can Learn More Information From It. I Learn New Skills And New Good Habits Through Social Media. However, If You Are Not Careful, It Will Bombard Your Mind With Many Negativities And Fear. One Of The Many Reasons People Are Unhappy Is They Compare Themselves To People They See On Social Media. In The Process, It Creates Insecurities, Jealousy, And Envy. Be Vigilant About What You Are Looking At On Social Media. Try At Least Time In Your Day To Put Your Gadgets Away And Focus That Time With Yourself Or With Your Family. For Example, During Dinner, Put Your Phone Away Or Turn Them Off And Focus On Your Food And The Real People Around You.

3. Clean-Up. Clear Your Closets And Your Garage And Find Stuff That You Can Donate Or Throw Away. Many Of Us Are Keeping Millions Of Things In Our House With The Thought That We Can Use Them Again One Day. Twenty Years Later, They Are Still Gathering Dust, And We Forget That They Even Exist. Cleaning Up The Clutter In Our House Will Also Help Ease The Flow Of Good Energy. If Your Space Is Untidy, It Will Take An Amount Of Energy From You Just By Thinking, I Will Clean This Tomorrow And Repeat Tomorrow. The Thought Of Cleaning That Mess Every Single Day Is A Waste Of Your Energy And Lessen Your Productivity.

4. Feel Your Emotions, Even If You Think They Are Negative Emotions. Do Not Suppress Your Feelings. What Do I Mean By This? As Far As I Am Concerned, There Are No Negative Emotions/Feelings. They Are Signs That Something Is Not In Alignment With What We Believe In. Recognize The Feelings. If You Are Sad, Acknowledge That You Are Sad—Dialogue With Your Feelings. You Will Never Know What You Will Uncover. Allowing Energy To Flow In Your Body Will Help Get You Back To Your Joy Again.

5. Serve Other People. Find A Cause That Is Important To You And Volunteer Or Donate Some Of Your Resources. You Can Also Serve Other People In A Simple Way If You Have No Time To Volunteer, Like Sending People Some Uplifting Notes.

6. Give Yourself Permission To Hide Or Be Lazy. This Is Great For People Who Are Always Busy And Who Feel Guilty When They Don’t Do Anything For Others. This Is Good For People Who Have Type A Personality And People Pleasers. From Time To Time, I Tell Myself, “Dolly, Today, I Give You Permission To Do Whatever You Want To Do.” Try It.

7. Enjoy Treats Without Guilt. A Few Years Ago, I Learned That I Developed A Fibroid. So, I Decided To Change My Lifestyle, Starting With My Husband And I’s Eating Habits. I Became So Cautious About What I Eat. There Were Times That I Became So Guilty When I Ate Food That I Was Not Supposed To Eat. My Husband Gave Me A 20-80 Percent Rule. Then, I Give Myself Permission To Eat 20% Of The Food That I Am Not Supposed To Eat. Guess What, Eventually The 20% Becomes Smaller, But I Was Not Struggling Anymore.

8. Live In The Present Moment. The Past Is Over And Done. We Can See The Future In Our Imagination, But It Is Not Our Reality Yet. We Don’t Even Know If We Can Get There. What We Have Is The Present Moment. Right Here, Right Now. You Are Wasting Precious Time To Enjoy And Savor The Present Moment If You Live In Your Past Or Your Future. Live Today. Be Present. This Is All You Have.

9. Forgive. Your Grudges Will Hold You Back To Where You Want To Go. If There Are People Or Events That You Don’t Forgive Yet In Your Life, They Will Be Like An Extra Large Suitcase You Are Carrying With You. Imagine You Will Go To Your Dream Vacation Expense-Free, But You Have To Drag Yourself Every Baggage You Will Take. Are You Going To Take Your Extra-Large Luggage? I Urge You, Put Your Baggage Down.

10. Connect To Your God. We Call God A Different Name. In My Experience, There Is No Greater Joy And Peace That I Feel Than When I Spend Time Alone With My God. I Am Sure That Many Experience This, Too. Tapping To The Source Of Your Being, Who Is God Or The Higher Being, Will Strengthen The Faith That Will Give You So Much Hope And Strength To Go On With Your Life And Daily Struggle. The Faith That You Are Not Alone In Your Journey Will Provide You With That Joy And Peace That You Have God Who Will Help You Get Through Whatever Challenges You Have.

To Be Happy And To Experience Inner Joy Is A Choice. You Have Control Over it if you Choose To Go For It. MAKE A DECISION TO BE JOYFUL AND AT PEACE!



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