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Discover and Unlock Your Authentic Self and Unleash your UNSHAKABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE and the FREEDOM to be WHO YOU REALLY ARE!


30-Day Journey to Self-Love

By Dolly Tampos Oksman


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Say goodbye to the Feeling of Being Unwanted, Unloved, & Not Good Enough!

Trying to fit in, pleasing people, and fearing rejection often results in losing yourself.


In Finding Your Lost Self, you will learn the key strategies that helped you uncover who you are. This book is divided into six chapters and will take you on a 30-Day journey to jumpstart the habits that will help you unlock, accept, and love your authentic self.


The techniques I shared in this book helped me restore and heal my childhood trauma and experiences that caused emptiness and unfathomable sadness. On each day, I give you actionable steps that you can do right away. Every step you take will lead you to more self-knowledge that will help you better understand yourself, and in the process, you can accept and love yourself and see yourself as God's Masterpiece.


I also include reflections to help you gain a deeper self-awareness to experience the happiness and peace of loving yourself. 

What Others Say About this Book

"This book is unlike many others that anyone can write on any day. This writing goes deeper than the realization of having to love yourself because there is no other way around it. And it's that Dolly Oksman Tampos is an incredible writer that is not afraid to share with her readers and audience the pain that is felt when one does not come to terms with themselves. In this book, and by sharing her own story firsthand, Dolly shows you the simple way to care for yourself and look forward to that love, to make you whole, to help you succeed, to show you that it is in the believing of God and of yourself, you can find anything you seek. This book will be fantastic to have and read every night and to give away, so others you love will benefit from her wisdom."

                                                        Laura M. Sanchez-Ramirez, MA, Journalist, Bestselling Author, and Public Speaker

Presentation in Class

When you buy the Finding Your Lost Self:  Your 30-Day Journey to Self-Love, you’re also helping children with disabilities in the Philippines.

Part of the proceeds for this book will go to the savings fund of the Hope Oasis Team to build a center for children with disabilities in the Philippines. So you're not just helping yourself find who you really are, you’re also helping children with disabilities gain self-confidence to be who they are.

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