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The SELF-LOVE Roadmap: 5 Steps to Living a Life From Stress to Peace

Are You Tired of Feeling Stressed Most of the Time?

Stressed Woman

Hi There!

Are You Tired of Feeling Stressed and Want Inner Peace and Calm?

Transformational 1:1 Coaching is what you need.

You are tired of feeling exhausted, depressed, having panic attacks, and anxiety that wakes you up in the middle of the night.

Tired of balancing your time trying to keep up with too many responsibilities with too little time 

Tired of  feeling frustrated that you cannot do all that you want to do

​Tired of not having control over your emotions


You want more energy, calm, peaceful mind, and joy

You want to be your best self and experience a sense of balance and peace of mind 

 So, You tried different ways to manage your stress. 

You get a weekly massage, go out shopping, hang out with friends, exercise every day, eat healthy food, and so on. But you are still stressed out. 


You wonder what the heck is going on​?


Your stress management strategies are just  band-aid approaches to your problem. 


Stress is an outward manifestation of what’s  going on inside us. The issue is, more often, we don’t know what’s going on within us.

 Unless you know your stress triggers and their roots, it is hard to control them and to get out from it.


I want to tell you that it is not your fault that you are stressed out. You live in a fast-paced society where stress is a lifestyle. For some, it is even a status.


Also, when you go to ask for help for our health and mental problems, many practitioners normally focus on the diagnoses and give us medicines to treat the symptoms. They don’t normally look at the whole person that has a body, mind, and spirit. 



I was in your shoes a few decades ago. One of my greatest struggles was my very low self-esteem.

I tried to cover all of these by being "nice." I became a people pleaser. I was stressed out, striving to make other people happy and to like me. I was exhausted and so unhappy. 


I went to church every day and tried to please God. ​But, I still felt empty deep within. There was a time I tried to commit a suicide because I couldn’t take the very deep loneliness that I felt.

One day, I met a nun. She told me the secrets-the antidote of my stressful life. 

These secrets help me experience inner peace, joy and allow me to live a life that I am excited to wake up to each day.


These secrets help me live a less-stress life and improve my self-esteem.


I am sharing with you these secrets in The Love Roadmap: The Journey from Stress to Peace 




I want everyone to know that there is a solution to your chronic stress and innermost feeling of emptiness, loneliness and longing for love and acceptance. 

I feel the call to share what I learned that prevents chronic stress from controlling my life and experience fullness of life. 


I want you to experience the feeling of being whole and being in control of your feelings and emotions.

The Purpose of the Love Roadmap


The Love Roadmap has one purpose-- to help you be in  your best, joyful, calm and at peace state even under stressful situations.

The Love Roadmap will take you on an inner journey to self, so you will come to develop a deeper connection with yourself and your God. 


In the process, you would love yourself,  deepen relationship with God so you would be able to serve others with gladness and enthusiasm.​


How would the Love Roadmap help you in your quest from Stress to Peace?



This comprehensive stress reduction program uses a holistic approach to your stress that addresses the  body-mind-and spirit connection.


In this program, you would 


Learn how to turn off your stress quickly without spending a penny 


Learn the number one strategy to become the master of your stress


Learn how to be proactive in your responses even on a very challenging or stressful situations


Learn how to eliminate people-pleasing and approval seeking behavior that causes you so much stress


Learn the truth about why your stress reduction  strategies are not working 


Learn effective stress management techniques that you can use right away to calm you down and put you in a positive state


Learn why expressing your love for God and going to church is not enough to give you the peace and calm that you desire


Identify the things that are holding you back from achieving your desired life and how to overcome them.


 Say goodbye to the feeling of anxiety, roller-coaster emotions, low energy, brain fog and reactive you and say hello to a calmer, energetic, more focused and proactive you.

What would this mean to you? 


A Self-Transformation!

💖 Improved relationships with yourself and other people as you exude the energy of joy and peace. 


💖 Become the Master of your stress so you are the one controlling it and not you being controlled by it, which means emotional and mental stability


💖 Better sleep so you have more mental clarity, more focus, and increased energy


💖 Healthier and happier you that would help you attract more positivity in life that will make you more joyful, calm, and energetic.


💖 More connected to self and God which means becoming more sensitive to your inner wisdom and guidance specially during stressful situation


💖 More energy so that you Increase your effectivity, productivity, and efficiency


💖 You experience more peace and calm so be in your best self 

I know that you are ready to make this change in your life to be your best self.

You are ready to conquer your stress from the root, aren’t you?


If you said, “Yes” then,

Let Me Take You To The FIVE Secret Power On How The Love Roadmap Will Help You Develop The 5 Superpowers


Step 1: STOP.
Acknowledge Where You Are and Where You Want to Be


In this step, you would:

  1. Identify the Main Driver of Your Challenges  in life and help you create strategies for your next steps.

  2. Become Very Clear on What you Really Want and Why You Want them so that you will have focus and the right roadmap to get there

  3. Determine Possible Obstacles that will hinder you from getting what you want and create strategies to overcome those obstacles

  4. Learn how to visualize yourself to success


Step 2: SIT.

Know and Befriend your Stress Triggers


In this step, you would:

  1. Develop Self-Awareness so that you will know yourself, understand your triggers and their root cause.

  2.  Develop the skills to constantly be connected to you inner self for greater self-awareness

  3. See the connection of your past to your present reality 

  4.  Uncover the belief system behind your story that causes your stress


Step 3: Ponder. 


In this step, you would:

  1. Learn how to transform your negative state to positive state quickly so you can have peace and calm even during stressful situations

  2. Learn how to transform your negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that cause your stress

  3. Learn Strategies on how to control your emotional outburst when facing stressful situations




In this step, you would:

  1. Learn how to nourish your physical body for a healthier and energetic you

  2. Learn how to nourish your mind so that you can quickly achieve your desired outcome in life

  3. Learn how to nourish your spirit so you experience inner peace and joy

  4. Learn how to love and accept yourself as you are so that you can let go of the need to please people and validation seeking


Step 5: walk and Serve.



In this step, you would:

  1. Learn how to find your purpose in life so that you will have joy and meaning in serving others

  2. Learn different strategies on how to connect with yourself and God so you can continually be in touch with you inner guidance as you serve others

  3. Learn the easy ways to practice and integrate mindfulness into your daily routine


The Program includes:

  -personal coaching sessions  

  -Reflection templates and Journals 

  -Email support replies within 24-48 hours 

  -Individualized Wellness Plan 




  • The Self-Love Roadmap: Live and Love Your True Authentic Self Course including reflections journal ($399 Value). This course will be a very important companion for your journey from stress to peace as this will help love and accept yourself for who you are. 


  • Private Facebook Group where you can continually get support and ask questions  (Priceless)

Marble Surface

In this session, you can have an opportunity to try my coaching strategy before signing up .


If you think that you do not have money to invest in this program, I encourage you to think again.


How much does it cost you to live a life without inner peace and calm?


How much does it cost you to have a chaotic relationship with your spouse/partner, children, or even at work?


How much does it cost you not able to sleep at night?


How much does it cost you to live a stressful life every day?


How much does it cost you living a life that you don't feel you are not good enough, living a life with low self-esteem?

How much are you willing to invest in better sleep and better health?


How much are you willing to invest in having better relationships with your family, co-workers, friends, and those people significant to you?


How much are you willing to invest for a happy, joyful you?

How much are you willing to invest for stress to stop following you?


How much are you willing to invest in having better control of your feelings and emotions?



I am sure that continually living a stressful life costs you a lot. 


Why not spend a fraction of it NOW in the Love Roadmap and avoid more expenses later?



Try me as your coach ↓↓↓


The Love Roadmap is for you if you want to:

* Master your stress

* Be less mentally drained

* Reduce your anxiety and panic attacks

* Have more energy and focus

* Have a better sleep

* Have better control of yourself and your emotions

* Experience inner calm and peace

* Be more joyful

* Enjoy time with yourself and your loved ones

* Become more effective, productive, and efficient


The Love Roadmap is for you if you’re tired of the band-aid approach that doesn't have a long term effect on your stress. Using the holistic approach provides  long term solutions to your stress.


The Love Roadmap is right for you if you are ready for self-transformation!



-You just want a band-aid approach to your stress

-You are content living a stressful life

-You do not like to learn the skills to master your stress

-You are ok to be stuck in a life that you hate





The Love Roadmap will not just manage your stress. It is a holistic approach to stress reduction that looks into the interconnectedness of the body-mind-and spirit. 


The Love Roadmap incorporates different systems proven to help you be in your best self like the Core Coaching Method, Stress Management Now, Neuro-linguistic Programming, and Mindfulness. It will also integrate the “Forgive and Release Ritual” to release the energy that blocks your way of achieving your desired outcome in life. 

Unlike other stress reduction programs, the Love Roadmap does not only teach you stress management skills, but it will also help you develop skills in how to coach yourself out of your stress.


Your ability to coach yourself is powerful as it will help you get out from the different challenges you will encounter in your life.

Listen, I don’t say that this system will work overnight, for self-transformation is a process. It doesn’t mean that if you enroll in the program, you will experience the self that you want right away, although possible. You need to be willing to take the journey to your inner self and do the work to get to the other side--the YOU that you’ve always wanted.


The journey to your inner self can be bumpy and winding; that is why you need a guide who was on the journey. I know how messy the beginning of self-exploration can be. But, I know I can help you. I went through this journey more than 20 years and I am still learning more. 




Experience the Love Roadmap Session before you Sign-up↓↓↓



How will I purchase the coaching package?

The coach wants to know if you are a perfect match to work together. So, she prefers that you schedule your breakthrough session first before you purchase a 1:1 coaching package.



What if I paid in full and decided not to continue with the sessions? Can I get a refund?

You will get a refund for the remainder of your sessions. Each session already done will be charged according to what is stipulated in the coaching agreement, which the coach will ask you to sign before you begin your first coaching session. When you get your refund, you will no longer have access to any materials associated with this program.



What if I wanted to continue with 1:1 coaching after I finished the program? Can I continue at a discounted price?

Sure. Since you went through the program, I will be charging you a reduced price. 


What if I used up all the allotted 1:1 coaching sessions before I go through all the steps in the program? Will the coach extend the number of coaching sessions?

No. the coach will not extend the number of 1:1 coaching sessions. You can invest in additional coaching sessions or enroll in the next program level. 


If you uncover something during the sessions, the 60 minutes session is not enough; the coach will try not to leave you hanging. The coach will provide you with reflection activities. These reflection activities you can do at home, so you can continue to dig deeper into your experience.


You can email or text the coach when you have questions in the process so the coach can continue to support you. The coach replies within 24-48 hours.


What if I can't make it to the scheduled session? Will the coach still charge me?

Yes and No. If you are a no-show during the scheduled meeting without giving the coach 24-hour notice, you will be charged for it. So, if you want to reschedule, please give your coach a 24-hour notice.


For more information about scheduling and cancellation, refer to the coaching agreement for cancellation policy, which the coach will provide you at the beginning of your journey together.


How are sessions conducted?

The sessions will be conducted through Zoom and FaceTime. I prefer using a video camera to see you unless you have no access to a video camera for video conferencing.

Are you ready to commit to the life you love to wake up to each day?

Take the Love Roadmap now!
I can’t wait to journey with you.
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