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Love yourself. Be in tune with your body.


Do you know when your body speaks to you?

If you do, do you listen to your body?

Many people nowadays are suffering from chronic pain and chronic illnesses. The rate of cancer cases is rising. In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), new cancer cases in the United States go up about 24% in men and by about 21% in women in 2020.

According to the World Health Organization, heart disease, Strokes, and Respiratory Disease are in the top 10 causes of death in the world.

We also hear new kinds of illnesses that we don't even know before.

Different factors contribute to the rising number of illnesses-some can be environmental, genetics, etc.

My mom told me that nothing happens to us that God does not permit. Whether the experience is perceived as bad or good, they are allowed to send us a message.

If we listen to the message right away, then we don't have to suffer that much. My spiritual director would say, you don't have to hit rock bottom if you see the signs you are heading there.

As a believer, I believe in that statement.

So, when we feel sick, when we think our body is weak, when we are experiencing chronic pain and illnesses, our body is trying to tell us a message. But do we stop and listen to that message?

I believe that our body sends us a message by increments. At first, it will give us a little discomfort a little physical pain. If we continue to ignore, the problem will be more intense, and then it will become out of control that leads to chronic illnesses.

When we gain weight and feel that it is getting out of control, do we take a moment to reflect the meaning of our weight gain?

Most of the time, we don’t.

We continue to do the job that we hate. We continue to stay and hang out with people who bring us down. We continue to overextend ourselves. We continue to eat unhealthy food, we continue to allow people to step on us and disrespect us. Our body feels our emotional pain. If we continue to ignore the sign, in the process, we lost the sparkle in our lives.

Suppose we continue to cover our ears, and we don't listen to our bodies. In that case, it will eventually scream at us through our diseases and Illnesses.

I read a book by Gabor Mate, MD "When the Body Says No," which chronicled how hidden stress affects the body. Gabor shows the price of suppressing emotions and not being aware of the presence of chronic stress. The price is ill health, which is a way of our body to say, "No!"

Our illnesses our weight gain sends us this message, the message could be

I need to slow down

I need to take care and love myself

I need more balance in my life

I need to nourish my body, my mind, and my soul

I need to change the old belief system that doesn't take me to where I want to be

I need to speak my truth or express myself

I need to express my feelings

I need to set boundaries

What does your body trying to tell you right now? Listen to it before it’s too late.

Love yourself. Be in tune with your body.

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