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One Simple Method to Instantly Reduce Your Anxiety and Stress

The easiest way to reduce your stress, lift your spirit, and give you the joy and happiness you always longed for, is PRAYER.

Are you feeling distressed lately?

Do you feel anxious and carrying a heavyweight on your shoulder?

Do you feel so heavy inside and drowning? You want someone to listen to you, but then it seems like no one hears you or understands you.

Maybe you are a parent experiencing a substantial burden because of your children. You might be trying to figure out where to find money to pay your bills and feed your family, or you are sick right now. Maybe you don’t know what’s going on with you and feel alone.

If you’re feeling this way, continue reading this blog and learn the simplest, easiest, natural, free of charge method that will instantly reduce that burden you feel.

Learn how to lift the heaviness in your heart in one simple step so that you can experience inner peace and joy again.

You can access the method anytime, anywhere, and with no particular body position. You can sit, stand, walk, or do your chores or whatever it is you are doing.

What Is This Awesome Method?

The easiest way to reduce your stress, lift your spirit, and give you the joy and happiness you always longed for, is prayer.

What is Prayer?

Prayer is talking to your you’re God. It is having a conversation with a God who loves you.

Prayer is an Act of Faith. It is trusting and believing that someone higher than us who knows us in and out is listening to us will help and guide us in our next steps.

Everyone calls God different names. As a Christian, I call my God, Jesus Christ, one with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Prayer is like talking to a best friend.

Do you experience talking to a friend whom you trust when you have problems? How do you feel when your friend listens, understands, and does not judge you? It is a relief, right? It feels good, and it will lighten your burden.

But the sad truth, your trusted friends or family members are not available all the time. They have their own concerns and other responsibilities. They also do not have all the answers to your problems.

The good news, you have a God who is available to you 24/7. Your God is a call away. In God, there is no busy line. You can reach his number wherever and whenever. He has the answer to all your problems and concerns because He created you in His image and likeness.

Remember the lyric of the famous song by Michael Jackson? “Just call my name, and I’ll be there?” our God embodied that because there is no human being in the world who can really be there when you call all the time except your God.

People may fail you when you call their name, but God never will fail you. Maybe sometimes you think God doesn’t listen, but God does as it says in Psalm 50:15, “Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.”

Jesus Christ Himself, He is God, but as depicted in the four Gospels in the Bible, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, He continually prayed to the Father. No matter how busy He was with His ministry, He always finds time in solitude and prayer. Jesus prayed in the most critical moment of His life. He took a 40-day of solitude and prayer before starting his ministry; he was tempted by Satan during that time (Matthew 4:1-11). He prayed to the Father when he raised his good friend Lazarus from death (John 11:41-44) and during his passion and death.

Jesus gave us an example of how to connect to our God without ceasing. He taught his disciples how to pray.

When we pray, our spirit is being connected to our God.

What Are the Benefits of Prayer?

Many studies show the effect of prayer on the lives of people. According to these studies, people who pray have less stress, more content with their lives, and happier than those who don’t spend time in prayer.

Prayers will increase your awareness of what’s going on within you and what’s going on inside you.

The increase in awareness will help you deepen your self-knowledge. When you know more about yourself, you have a better way of handling and controlling yourself, so you become more proactive with your life.

Personally, prayer is a big part of my life. I am inspired to pray because I see how prayers bring miracles to the lives of people.

My mother, for instance, told a story about the effect of prayers in her life. She said that there was a time that she struggled emotionally. She was trying so hard to make ends meet. She felt all her experience was more tremendous pain and sorrow and less joy.

My mother kept all her inner struggle with herself. She kept praying that God gives her more joy and happiness.

One day, she came home after selling fish; when she entered our house, out of nowhere, she experienced an extreme joy that she could not explain that made her dance and sing. The heavy burden in her heart was lifted. She called it a miracle! After that, she said she felt more vibrant and happier.

My mother’s faith in God and her living a life of prayer inspires me.

“I read this quote from someone, “When Prayer becomes your habit, Miracles become your lifestyle.”

I urge you to pray every day and to pray without ceasing.

Allow God to make your life become a miracle for God’s greater glory.

Thank you so much for reading, beautiful you. If you like our blog, please share this with others and visit our website, and see how we can help you journey to loving your God and Yourself so that you can love others.



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