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8 Relaxation Techniques You've Never Considered

Relaxing is essential, and you're not going to be at your best each day if you fail to unwind and give your body the rest it needs.

Are you feeling so stressed lately?

Our world is full of stress. Many people could no longer remember their lives without stress. Even children nowadays already have stress in their vocabulary.

When you live in a society that encourages competition, achievement, success, and fast-moving, you're going to have to learn how to decompress effectively. If your daily routine doesn't include relaxation, you will be in serious trouble.

Relaxing is essential, and you're not going to be at your best each day if you fail to unwind and give your body the rest it needs.

Try these unconventional ways of relaxing.

1. Take a cold shower or walk in the rain. Exposure to cold might not sound relaxing, and you'd be right. It's not the cold that's relaxing; it's the feeling after you've allowed yourself to warm back up. It's as if the stress has been drained from your very soul. Plus, walking or playing in the rain is fun.

2. Clench your entire body. Start with your toes and move up your body one muscle group at a time. Clench and flex that muscle with maximum effort. Hold it for a few seconds, relax, and repeat. Flex each muscle 3-5 times and move on to the next. Introducing more stress into your body can help to release that tension.

● Alternately, try flexing all of your muscles at once. Then, try both methods and see which provides more relief.

3. Pull out the crayons. There are adult coloring books designed to help take your mind off your troubles. Don't like crayons? Try colored pencils or markers. Use whatever you want and give coloring a try. It's not just for kids.

Coloring puts your attention on something neutral. It can be a form of meditation. You also have the added boost of having created something when you're done. You might not want to hang it on your refrigerator for the world to see, but at least you have a sense of accomplishment.

4. White noise. Consider the recorded sounds of ocean waves, rain, a crackling fire, or any other sound you might find soothing. These types of sounds can be very relaxing. Likewise, listening to songs that bring back fun childhood memories can give you a sense of calm and joy.

5. Stare at a fire. If you don't have a fireplace, a candle will do. Even high-quality videos of fire will suffice. There's something primal and hypnotic about the fire. Staring into a fire can be a great way to relax.

6. Stretch. Stretching your body is an effective way to release tension and relax. You don't need any fancy equipment. Just relax on the floor and do all those stretches you used to do in gym class.

7. Buy a plant. Plants are relaxing. Walk around the local nursery and find the perfect plant. Take it home, put it in the sun, water it, fertilize it, look at it, and talk to it. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the positive impact a single plant can have on your home. You might even want more than one.

8. Do a puzzle. Mental puzzles are an excellent way to occupy your mind and give it a chance to relax. Crosswords, sudoku, mazes, or any type of brain teaser can be an effective way to relax. A jigsaw puzzle can be just as good for relaxing.

Create a routine that will allow you to relax at least once each day.

Relaxation is vital if you want to be at your best. Stress is damaging to your body and mind, so make relaxation a part of your day.

There are plenty of ways to relax that you've never considered. So give one of them a try today.

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