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6 Things You Can Do When You Feel Unappreciated

Every one of us at one point in our lives suffers from feeling unappreciated.

Do you feel you did everything you can and gave your best, but no one even noticed you? They don't even say, "Thank you?"

There are three general places that you might feel unappreciated: work, home, and within a relationship. So if you're feeling unappreciated, there's a good chance it's within one of these three areas of your life.

Children are usually unappreciative. Spouses or partners sometimes, if not most often, take what we are doing for granted, and bosses are often blind to our contributions. Even friends and coworkers can fail to show the appreciation we believe we deserve.

Every one of us at one point in our lives suffers from feeling unappreciated.

Do you feel unappreciated?

What are the signs that you are feeling unappreciated?

Here are some of the signs that you're feeling unappreciated:

1. You feel resentment.

If you're feeling resentful toward someone, you might be feeling unappreciated. This is especially true if they haven't recently done anything obvious to upset you.

2. You feel you're the one who works so hard to maintain a relationship. Do you hear yourself or someone saying these words, "I do everything to make this relationship work? I do everything that you want me to do, but you don't care at all. As if I don't exist?" When you start comparing what you're doing in a relationship with your significant others and think that you do most of the work, this is a common reason to feel unappreciated.

3. You're not being thanked for your efforts or contribution. You give your best, time, and resources, but no one came back to tell you, "thank you," for what you do. Maybe you think that you don't have to receive a medal for every little thing you do, but you long to be recognized for your efforts.

4. No one asked for your opinion. You are in a meeting or in a group. People are discussing something, and they don't care to ask you about what you think. You don't feel valued because you believe that when others respect your opinion, they respect you.

5. The other person isn't making time for you. If someone never seems to have time for you, you're likely to feel unappreciated. This is especially true if they seem to be able to make time for other people and activities.

Does the list above resonate with you?

If you've identified yourself as feeling unappreciated, it's time to do something about it.

Here are some strategies to feel appreciated:

1. Become aware of the times that make you feel unappreciated.

What is the occasion? Who are the people involved? What is being said or not being told? What are the things they do or did not do that make you feel unappreciated? How do you respond to the situation?

2. Identify what needs to happen for you to feel appreciated. What needs to change? What has to be done? For example, maybe you need to express more what you believe and think.

3. Try being more appreciative. A good strategy for receiving more appreciation is to give more appreciation. This can be hard to do when you feel that you're not already receiving the appreciation you deserve. Nevertheless, try it and see what will happen.

As the Golden Rule says,
"Do unto others what you want others to do unto you."

4. Be open about your needs. It's always better to communicate your needs than to just remain upset. Tell the other person how you're feeling and why. Be sure to offer a solution and be willing to listen to the response.

5. Consider changing your behavior. If your actions aren't appreciated, perhaps what you're doing doesn't matter to the other person. Your time might be better spent in different ways. There's always the possibility that you could consider rearranging your life so you can feel more appreciated.

6. Open up yourself to receive appreciation. Sometimes you desire to be appreciated, but you are not comfortable receiving them. Try to open your energy to allow gratitude to flow into your life.

In some situations, you're just going to have to accept that you're not going to receive the appreciation you deserve. Some people have their own focus and agendas. What you are doing for them is not within their visual perimeter.

So focus on feeling proud of your contributions and be thankful for the opportunities you can help.

Someone else is going to reward you for what you are doing. Our God, the higher being, is not blind. God sees what you do and will reward you if others don't.

Keep planting the seeds of kindness even others don't see or notice it because you will harvest the fruits of your labor one day.

If you feel so unappreciated and need help changing your state or feelings about the matter and what to feel more appreciated, schedule your 'love yourself breakthrough' session with me. Visit our website and schedule your free session.

If you find this blog valuable, please share this to someone who may need this message. Thank you and God bless.


Dolly Oksman is the Founder of Love. Heal. Believe. Holistic Health Wellness. She is a Special Education Teacher, Behavior Analyst & Certified Wellness and Self-Love Coach.

Dolly recovers from her struggle for having a very low self-esteem that caused her so much stress and affects her over all well-being.

Now Dolly support women who are stressed and emotionally overwhelmed to rekindle the joy in helping others by showing them how to love themselves and connect with God.



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