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Multiple Dates
Learn the Secrets to Live A Life From Stress to Inner Peace.
Mar 16, 2022, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM MST
Workshop via Zoom

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Are you married and experienced a lot of stress in your married life? 


Are you in a relationship with the one you love, but you feel unworthy, unloved, or not valued?

Do you desire to get married but inside you, you have doubts about what will happen with your married life?


Do you desire that you will have loving, committed relationships and a happy family?

Are you under so much stress trying to be everything for the people you love?

Do you want to love and improve your relationship with yourself?

If you answer “YES” to one or more of these questions, I invite you to join us in our ↓↓↓

Jumpstart your Self-Love Habit for a Committed, Happy, and Less Stressed

 Married Life! 

The Self-Love Initiative: A 30-Day Adventure to a

Happy, Confident, and Loving You.

A  $698 Value, Now $37!

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Join Now. Unlimited Access!

This 30-Day Adventure is Highly-Interactive. It will help you jumpstart your self-love habit, which is essential if you want a healthy relationship, especially a lifelong commitment like marriage.

Hey Beautiful You,


I know you want to be with the ONE you love forever. You desire to be the perfect girlfriend, wife, and mother.


Deep inside you, you dream of building a loving, happy family where your husband is your partner and best friend.


You pray that you and your husband always express love and respect for each other and that your marriage will last for a lifetime. 


But you are afraid because it seems like marriage nowadays falls apart quickly. You can even hear people saying that "There is no Forever." You hear your friends and someone you know being cheated on by their husbands or cheating on their husbands.


You hear your married friends complaining about their spouse's annoying habits that frustrate them. Or someone you know loses the passion and romance they felt in the early stage of their marriage.


You are afraid that what happened to them will happen to you. 


Married life is a costly relationship that one could get into. However, it could cost much more if it doesn't work (Divorce is very expensive! Imagine its emotional and financial expense).

But what if you could save yourself from the pain and stress of married life?


Being married could cause you a lot of trouble and sleepless nights. Still, it is also the most rewarding relationship you can have if you and your spouse are committed to building a happy marriage and family. Imagine having a life companion who will be there for you most of the time. 


If you want to get married or desire that your marriage will last forever, Let today be the day that you prepare for it even if you don't have The ONE yet (Guess what, when you are ready, the ONE will show up)

Sign up today.  I'll show you the important things you could do to prepare you for a Less Stressful Marriage and Lifetime Commitment!



Dolly Tampos Oksman


Start working on yourself today and learn the essential tools you can use during the ups and downs of married life and in any relationship.


The Self-Love Initiative: A 30 Day Adventure to a

Happy, Confident, and Loving You.

Be Your Best Self!

In This Adventure, You Would Learn:


  • The 30 different ways you can effectively build the habit of loving yourself which are essential for you to truly love others and your future spouse.

  • How to Eliminate Your Feelings of Being Not Good enough, so you are confident and free to give and receive love.

  •  How to Say Goodbye to CONSTANTLY seeking approval and people-pleasing behavior so you can have less stress and experience more inner peace.

  • How to Uncover the energy-sucking vampires so you can stop their hold on you and live a life with energy and passion

  • How to BREAK FREE from crippling self-doubts so that you could Build UNSHAKABLE SELF-CONFIDENCE and HEALTHY SELF-IMAGE


And so much more!


These are what you will Get in this 30-Day Adventure


* 30 daily adventure videos that will take you to deeper self-love and happier you (Value $199)


* Self-Love Daily Tracker, and Reflection. These are your guide to jumpstart your Self-Love Habit (Value $99)


* 2 Group Coaching Session to help you when you get stuck in your journey to self-love. (Value $400)


*Facebook Group to help you in your journey to becoming your best self (Priceless)


* 1 (30-minute coaching session) to help you where you are stuck for a limited number of people (Value $125)



Hi, I'm Dolly Tampos Oksman, M.A., MAED-SPED., Special Education Teacher, Certified Wellness Coach, a Behavior Analyst & Transformational Speaker. 

I'm the founder of Love. Heal. Believe. Holistic Health Wellness. I'm a member of the International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP) and the Life on Fire & Speaker on Fire.


​I help married women who feel "not enough" or are stressed out have a happy, committed​, & less stressful married life that begins with loving God and loving themselves.


I am like a treasure hunter guide; I will help you find your real beauty and inner treasure to help you improve your self-confidence, and live a happy, empowered life. 



Mildred Arrington
Financial Advisor, World Financial Group

"The Information I learned from the Stress to Peace Workshop, which was conducted by Dolly Oksman is valuable. I realized the Importance of Self-awareness and finding the root cause of my triggers. I also learned some strategies that I need to do to have self-control and handle my emotional outburst. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is experiencing stress."


Mary Zaragoza

"I just had a wonderful workshop on Living a life of Stress to Peace. Learning what is the cause of my stress and how to recognize the beginning of it. Also how it affects our way of living and health. Really woke me up. I also learned different techniques on how to lessen my stressful life. Dolly was so great and I feel that this workshop and future workshops are for me and for so many out there that need to feel safe with someone like Dolly that can really help us with everyday stress. You will love this workshop. It was very motivating and spiritual. It is the beginning of me loving myself. Thank you Dolly."

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