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Learn How You Could

Turn Your Stress on and off  so that you’ll have more focus, you’ll be more enthusiastic about your work, feel calmer, and overcome burn-out


Meditate with your Clients/Students/Children so that they will display more positive behaviors


Enhance Your Relationships so that you remain in control of your emotions in stressful situations and learn how to set healthy boundaries


Upgrade Your Health and Wellness so that you’ll have more energy, better sleep, learn how to maintain a healthy weight, and feel stronger and more alive

Express more love for yourself so you can embrace your clients close to your heart.


Get Your Time Back Again so that you can work more effectively and efficiently, you can have time for yourself and the things you love, and become more organized.


Understand body language so that you improve interactions with others

Protect your Finances to create a more stable financial future for your family

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A Special Education Teacher, Certified Wellness and Self-Love Coach, & Behavior Analyst.

Dolly has been teaching special needs for almost 10 years.  She is passionate about finding different ways to keep the joy in serving the special needs community.

As Founder of Love. Heal. Believe. Holistic Health & Wellness, Dolly’s mission is to help busy women permanently reduce their stress and improve their self-esteem through an inner journey to self.

Dolly is like a treasure hunter guide; She will help you find your real beauty and treasure within to rise up from your challenges.



A Naturopathic Doctor and Founder of Life Blossom Wellness and mother of two amazing kids, one of whom has Down syndrome.


Having a child with Down syndrome has made learning how to best support individuals with Down syndrome one of my life's passions.

Candace helps people with Down syndrome and their families realize their full potential and begin to enjoy a full and healthy life through naturopathic medicine.


Candace uses nutrition, lab work, supplements, diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, botanical and homeopathic preparations, as well as many more modalities to help people with Down syndrome thrive.

Prof. Noble Pic.jpeg


A Board Certified Behavior Analyst, University Professor, and Former Special Education Teacher


Sharon has over 20 years of experience helping teachers and families understand students with unique learning needs.  She is passionate about helping both children and adults find joy in the life journey with autism or other differences.

She has a deep faith in God that guides her life, and she loves to share scriptures that can help people grow in wisdom and faith.


Craig Gustafson

A Non-Verbal Communication Coach and Founder of Escaping Social Awkwardness


Craig is a  Body Language Trainer certified by the Science of People. 


He leverage science-backed strategies to help others thrive - to feel  both seen and heard


Craig is on a mission to help everyone he can in Escaping their Social Awkwardness.

Pai-Yen Solo Pic .png


A Certified Financial Planner,

an Investment Advisor Representative and Executive Vice Chairman of World Financial Group


Pai-Yen was a soft-ware engineer turned Certified Financial Planner. 


Pai-Yen areas of expertise include Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Portfolio Management, Insurance, Taxation, and Estate Planning.


He has been helping individuals and families build financial legacy for 20 years.

image01 (1).jpeg


An Entrepreneur and Youtuber 


Eric worked in the corporate world for several years as a manager and turned into an Entrepreneur.


His YouTube Channel, Eric Michael SHOW aims for people to be  FULLY ALIVE WITH CHRIST!  


Eric is living with Bi-Polar and he wants people  to know that you can live a happy and successful life with mental health issues.



A speaker, writer, and life coach with expertise in meditation and mindfulness. 


Through a life-long search for relief from depression and anxiety, Allie learned about the incredible power of meditation and discovered a passion for helping others help themselves the same way.


Allie is dedicated to the pursuit of learning and growing our communities through growing ourselves.

David Lomanto.jpg

David Lomanto

A Christian Purpose and Results Driven Coach


David has helped thousands of people from different life experiences and challenges--from addiction to homelessness, discouraged and unclear, unloved, and low self-esteem.


He specializes in making things easier for people to see their inner light and allow it to shine. At the same time, they get a better understanding of why, how, and what to do next.

Anna Mayo.png

Dr. Anna Mayo, PT, DPT

A Licensed Pediatric Physical Therapist


Anna has been practicing in pediatrics for 9 years in a variety of settings.


She is the owner of Playtime Pediatric Services, LLC which grew out of a strong desire to support children and families to live full and fun lives without any limitations. 

Learn From Special Needs Carers and Practitioners like you!

Who is able to navigate the challenges in working with the special needs community ...



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Don’t wait! Get access to the recordings now and together let us be the salt and the light of the special needs community we are serving.

To your health & Wellness,

Dolly Oksman & Candace Mathers

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